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Hi I'm Jim. That's me on the right, along with my wife, with a huge smile on my face. That's what happens whenever I drive my 2003 Porsche Boxster S. At 20+ years old it's getting up there in age, with a simple black exterior, interior, and top. But as you might have guessed from the website name, it has some awesome red seat belts to give it some pizzazz. So when I saw that was available awhile back, I snagged it to throw up some personal photos to have online.

I originally bought the car while a single guy living in NYC as a fun way to escape the city, and make my trips home to Boston more fun. I also quickly found a passionate group of Boxster owners at the Blue Ridge Boxster Summit, and road tripped from Manhattan to North Carolina every year from 2010-2016 to experience amazing camaraderie and twisty roads.

I eventually moved out to Seattle and shipped the car out here. And with a lot of time spent with 2 little kids I don't nearly drive it enough, but whenever I do, it brings that same smile to my face. Enjoy.

2020-10-04 21.35_edited.jpg
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